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Success Case: LX Costa Rica


LX is a real estate team focused on providing support for the most demanding clients. They guarantee an easy and efficient process when it comes to the selling and buying of luxurious real estate in Costa Rica. LX possesses deep knowledge of the luxury property market and provides discreet access to Costa Rica’s most exclusive properties.



LX wanted to expand its operational capacity, integrating their management system with their sales, property, and client platform. This included a customized CRM and the development of a web site that allowed for the efficient management of their commercialization process.



LX hired StartX’s Graphic Design and User Experience (UX) services with the goal of creating a high quality tool that provided a satisfying user interaction.

StartX’s team of engineers implemented an investigation process in order to determine which technologies and tools could be better adapted to the requirements presented by LX’s team. Based on the results obtained from this investigation, as well as on the feedback provided by the client, it was decided that the implementation of a multifunctional platform would be best. The latter would integrate cutting edge technology for LX’s various areas of interest, such as sales, project management, and real estate.



  • A new vanguard system in regards to management, marketing, and sales.
  • A Web tool that adapts to the client’s needs and is, at the same time, user-friendly.
  • The new tool facilitates contact with clients, making it more efficient and swift. It also allows for continuous monitoring.
  • LX’s commercialization of real estate is now implemented in a much more intelligent manner.
  • Because of its design and innovation, the development has been nominated for an international award.