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  • Daniela CrespiDaniela CrespiDomo

    El Domo Communications is a firm dedicated to advertising, graphic design, web development, audiovisual productions, among other services.


    El Domo Communications was in need of a software development project for Costa Rica’s Ministry of Public Education. This project was to be focused on primary schools and high schools.
    "As part of our client’s request, a software had to be developed but we could not carry it out ourselves since it is not our specialty. So we took it upon ourselves to find a company that could help us with the project". Daniela Crespi - Design Coordinator

    Why StartX?

    El Domo contacts StartX due to a reference from one of its associates. After a meeting, we decided to work with StartX because of its impeccable references.

    What impact has StartX had on El Domo’s needs?

    We had a clear definition of what needed to be accomplished and StartX delivered in all aspects.

    "The impact was very positive since everything turned out as we hoped. It was outstanding." Daniela Crespi - Design Coordinator

    On a scale of 1 (excellent) to 5 (poor), how would you rate StartX?

    "Honestly, StartX is very reliable. They are solicitous, very transparent, and always find an answer to our queries. They also meet deadlines with no delays. So it would be a ‘5’" Daniela Crespi - Design Coordinator

    El Domo also looked for other providers but there aren’t many to be found in Costa Rica. We also spoke with freelancers but StartX was the best solution.

  • Andrea MenaAndrea MenaGAP

    GAP is a software development company based in Austin Texas and San José and founded in 2007. Our client’s situation was the following: they needed to source highly trained staff to develop a project for one of their clients; however, finding trained people of the caliber they needed in Costa Rica proved to be difficult.

    To execute the project, they required an outsourcing model and they set about looking for a company that could meet their selection criteria, which are extremely strict as they place great store by the quality of the finished product that they provide to their clients and to achieve that they need highly trained people.

    At times it is difficult to find companies that provide what we are looking for, businesses with the same culture, and to find good people, as the supply here in Costa Rica has become quite limited. StartX is one of those companies with whom we established a good synergy. Andrea Mena

    StartX had an excellent impact on the success of the project, providing the human resources on the development side which GAP needed at the time. This was thanks to the experience in teamwork which they demonstrated.

    We have our internal metrics for measuring the results of companies we contract, and StartX is in our ¨meet expectation¨ category. This means that they have fully met all our needs. This stems from the fact that their culture is in perfect harmony with ours, their excellent techniques for doing things, their transparency which is one of the points that we really appreciate about them and, of course, their immediate availability. Andrea Mena

    As an end result of all this, StartX and GAP continue to work together, and this is entirely a product of the satisfaction of the client.

  • PossiblePossiblePossible

    Possible is a creative company which attaches considerable importance to its clients’ results. Among its clients are Coca-Cola and Microsoft, among others.

    The company was not hiring people so we needed to look for an outsourcing option. In the process, StartX Consulting was recommended to us, and we started working with them, mainly with Jairo Barahona. It was on the Mazda project, although before that he helped us with a New York client. Minor Villalobos

    Possible is a company which makes a point of seeking the best human resources as they understand the value of highly qualified people if they are to provide their clients with top results.

    They found everything that they were looking for at StartX, as it has a team which instills confidence in the client who delegates to them tasks to drive a project forward. And this is due to the fact that they are (in the words of Francisco, PM at Possible), “in tune”, in other words that they know the field of software development inside out and that is why they give the best results.

    Apart from their vast knowledge of development, they are also very good administratively, they are quick to respond, quick to deliver, and they are open to discussion when negotiation is needed Francisco P.M- Possible

    The end result has been the ongoing collaboration between Possible and the StartX team which has generated excellent results for Possible, because they have found a highly qualified team to work with, which is not easy to find in Costa Rica.

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