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If you need to boost the capacity of your development team by incorporating more developers into an existing project, if you need to develop a completely new project and contract a full professional team to carry it out, or you need to subcontract the development of a particular module or device for a project, then this is the package for you.

If those are your needs and you are not able to find the professionals in the market to take onto your payroll, or if the need is a temporary one and you are not able to open up new vacancies to cover it, then we are the option for you to take care of these issues and meet the current needs in a swift and practical manner.

We offer the following outsourcing options:

Complete project
We can develop a complete project, providing the whole team of professionals needed to develop the project within the established time-frame and a budget that is based on a long-term contract with a fixed monthly fee for the development team.
We develop modules or artifacts for a project following the Time and Materials model in which the budget is flexible and based on short-term contracts which can be adjusted to the client’s immediate requirements and using a fixed hourly rate per professional.
Fixed price
When the requirements and the scope are clearly defined, the documentation is ready and delivery dates are fixed, then the project can be handled on a fixed price basis.
Individual resources
When the current development capacity needs to be boosted by adding one or more developers to the team, we provide the option of outsourcing by resource based on a fixed term contract with a fixed hourly rate per professional.
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