What must I do first to receive an assessment and a price quote for my project or idea?

The most important step is for us to understand what you need. You just need to contact StartX via telephone: 22396884 or via email: info@startxconsulting.com

How much do our services cost?

Each individual case is assessed thoroughly and free of cost on part of our experts. We like to make sure that any proposal we make guarantees the delivery of desired results and that it brings our client the highest satisfaction.

Why hire a software firm instead of a freelancer?

In addition to the years of experience and the personalized service, our company provides support and solidity as well as the necessary skill to move forward at a constant and adjustable pace.

What package or service would be better for my needs?

Our experts will guide you in a free and attentive manner in order to reach a final proposal that is firmly based on your specific needs.

What happens in regards to any sensitive and private information related to my business?

Before commencing any work, StartX offers a confidentiality agreement that guarantees discretion and offers privacy to our clients.

How soon can we start?

As soon as our business proposal, which specifies the start date, is signed.

How does the process of recruiting services work?

Our entire process is made up of clearly defined phases. We carefully guide our clients through these stages in order to develop and present a detailed proposal that defines an agreement of all services provided.