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Success Case: INTERNAP


Internap is a high performance internet infrastructure provider focused on the support of applications that shape the way we live, work, and play. Its hybrid infrastructure provides performance without compromise – mixing the virtual and physical cloud, hosting, and allocation services through a global data network centre. Internap focuses on optimizing the whole scope, from the application to the final user, counting on the support of a solid client services department. It offers a 100% guarantee of continuous service functionality. Since 1996, the most innovative firms have trusted Internap to develop their quickest and most scalable applications. The company’s main offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States with data control centers located in North America, EMEA, and APAC.



Internap has patented its internet route optimization technology, Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO), improving border gateway protocol (BGP) through the dynamic evaluation of route characteristics such as latency, packet loss, and route stability. In this manner, the best route can be selected according to its final destination, a process that results in the decreased latency, higher availability, and higher performance of the application.

Internap was in need of a tool that allowed them to visualize their system in a manner that they could present to their clients. This tool needed to be consistent with Internap’s preferences, high standards, and excellence in order to demonstrate their competitive advantage in the market.



  • Internap hired StartX’s Graphic Design and Usability (UX) services to create a high quality tool that focused on user objectives and roles.
  • They were provided with Project Management directly in Atlanta in order to deal with the elicitation of requirements, priority definition, organization and planning of deliverables.
  • StartX placed an entire team of software engineers at Internap’s disposal in order to develop a personalized and adaptable Web tool. Two versions of the latter were developed: an internal version used by members of the company and a public version to be shown to potential clients.



  • A personalized and adaptable Web tool that meets all the preferences of the Internap brand.
  • Visualization tool with multiple vistas and interactive graphics that illustrate all the functionalities of the MIRO system.
  • A tool used by the sales department to show the value of the MIRO system to their potential and existing IP clients.
  • Internap implemented a strong marketing campaign for the newly developed tool.
  • Internap received a modern and scalable application.
  • Additionally, Internap was provided with an excellent deal that managed to reduce their hiring costs, maintaining the high quality standard for outsourcing of the nearby region.