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Success Case: Idioma Internacional


Idioma Internacional is a prominent firm in the Corporate English training and Language Evaluations industry. Their services focus on providing communication skills in English for the business sector using especially designed programs aimed to satisfy the diverse needs of their clients. The latter, development programs divided into different levels that focus on different areas of the business sector, comprise Idioma Internacional’s services.



Idioma Internacional had the need for a language testing management platform: English and Portuguese. Additionally, they needed to save and manage their clients’ data as well as that of their test takers and their scores using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The firm also needed to be able to share results with every single one their clients in an efficient manner.



StartX implemented an extension and integration of software for client test result distribution, enquiry, and visualization. This was implemented via an API within Idioma Internacional’s online evaluation platform, which is supported by the cloud service ProProfs.

StartX developed a tool called Test Result Manager (TRM). It is an integration tool as well as an extension of the system used by Idioma Internacional in the cloud. TRM allows for the configuration of tests and services provided to Idioma Internacional’s clients. Through this tool, the firm can also control and grant access to users and clients, allowing them to view specialized reports customized according to the standards applied by Idioma Internacional.



By implementing TRM, the management and assessment process for tests became much more efficient. Results were delivered to clients as well as test takers in a speedier manner. Consequently, the management of information related to tests taken by clients allowed Idioma Internacional to greatly improve their services.