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Success Case: Present Creative


Present Creative, based in the United States, is a video game production and development firm. It provides a whole scope of services, such as design, animation, technical specification, sound, and engineering for various implantation platforms. With over ten years of experience in the industry, Present Creative is a company that transforms ideas into reality implementing an exceptional process along with outstanding client interaction.



The firm was directing a development project for an educational Web application. This presented a series of important challenges and a very limited timeframe to overcome them. In order to ensure the success of the project, Josh Sutherland suggested for Present Creative to call on StartX Consulting.



StartX provided software consultation and development, implementing an innovative solution in order to overcome technical challenges. Efforts were augmented to make sure the predetermined deadline for the application’s launch was suitably met. Success was achieved due to the opportune and skillful coordination in communication and strategy, promoting mutual support and cooperation between the two firms.



Present Creative successfully delivered a high quality Web application, providing support for their client thanks to StartX’s aid. This application is now used by children in the United States, helping them to learn about basic concepts and theory in regards to graphics and the representation of visual information in digital format.