Blog Artículo 467
StartX receives SME seal from the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Commerce

StartX is proud to have successfully completed its registration as an SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprise) before the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Commerce (MEIC) for its second year in a row. This week we received notification from the MEIC informing us of our designation. Our SME status, with the SME ID: 30730, is valid from 02/04/2015 through to 02/04/2016.

In addition, we have received the SME Basic Seal. This appointment acknowledges and recognizes the effort and development on StartX’s part in successfully keeping its SME standing up to date. The seal acts as a guarantee for our clients and collaborators. It provides assurance of StartX’s standing as an earnest and committed firm that takes the social responsibility of its operations in Costa Rica seriously. StartX meets all the requirements of the current legislation and is duly registered as an SME.

We take pride in having received this Costa Rican designation because it is an indicator that StartX’s actions and strategies have been the right ones. It means our firm’s mission and vision have been clearly defined. Moreover, the knowledge that we are carrying out economic activities in a responsible and just way is reassuring. Our clients have the certainty of knowing that, behind the services they receive, they have the support of a permanently active company that possesses the necessary human resources to help them achieve their goals.

A big thanks to all of StartX’s team, clients, providers, and collaborators that have made this possible.