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Creating more profitable businesses

StartX’s prime goal is to assist visionary firms in the simplification and optimization of their professional management in order to increase the profitability of their business. We achieve this by working side by side with our clients, developing software and applications while expediting business processes, and at the same time securing information to reduce costs and make better day to day decisions.

Thanks to this philosophy we have managed to execute multiple and varied projects, from custom made solutions such as sales monitoring tools, to collaborating on an interactive website used as an educational tool for children, to developing apps used for inventory control. In addition, we have helped big firms by providing outsourcing services, either for support during work load ‘peak times’ or for the development of company projects, among others.

Take a look at our portfolio

Now you can learn about the different projects we have worked on with our clients, creating a unique synergy between both parts.



You also can see what our clients say in the following link: Testimonials

How do we manage to simplify and optimize businesses?

Using a simple process that leads to effective results. It only has 5 steps:

Contact + Initial meeting + Proposal + Project + Follow-up

These are the 5 steps we use so that our clients can be successful in their business from the very beginning.